Tips & Tricks: MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe

Tips & tricksSeveral times I found in guitar forums the comment that some guitarists can`t deal with the mix pot of the MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe. It is true: you have to turn the pot into full clockwise direction to get a delay signal which is a bit louder than the clean guitar signal. Is the mix knob adjusted to a four o’clock position the delay and the guitar signal approach an equal loudness. For rather decent delays you should use the area between two and three o’clock.

But what about the rest of the knobs’ range?

Regarding the aforesaid settings, I provided that the delay is used with a clean amp. But if you use a slightly overdriven amp, it has always been pretty complicated to adjust the delay in a decent way. Regarding most delay pedals, the range of the mix knob is almost useless. As soon as the amp overdrives, you will have to adjust the delay in a much more decent, because the repeats will be boosted pretty much.
And this is where the MXR Carbon Copy offers an enormous advantage: It can be adjusted quite nice even in front of an overdriving amplifier. The range of the mix knob between 7 and one o’clock offers pretty fine increments which allow to adjust the signal quite easily.
By tuning the pedal internally to Line Level, you can use the pedal in a perfect way in the effects loop of the amp. The bug is rather a feature.

By the way: by adding a small external switch you can change between two saved settings.

The MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe is a real workhorse and should not be underestimated.