Tips & Tricks: Truetone CS7

Tips & tricksWhile, some time ago, multi power supplies mostly were transformer based, Truetone uses digital technology for their multi power supplies. The enormous advantage of this fact is, that the maximum mA output of each jack is variable. The labelling of the output jacks of the CS7 with 500, 200 and 100 mA are rather to get an overview about the maximum total capacity. The total capacity of the multi power supply is about 1900mA and shall not be exceeded. But you can decide, how much of this total capacity is used for every single output jack. Therefore, it is possible to use two output jacks with 500 mA and two with 400mA effects.

Because of this fact, the number of power-hungry digital devices is almost unlimited and you won’t have to combine outputs to get the needed ampere value. If you, for example, connect three big Strymon pedals (Timeline, BigSky and Möbius) each to a single 200mA jack, there will remain 1000mA for further effect pedals. You can also check this out on the Truetone homepage.

To connect more than 7 effect pedals to the CS7, you can, for example, use a GigRig Isolator. By doing so, you can run four effect pedals, isolated from one another on one output of the CS7.
By this, the CS7 becomes one of the most flexible multi power supplies on the market so far.