Which pedal should I get? Tonal Recall RKM vs. Rubberneck

This year two of the most remarkable pedals have been released: The Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall RKM and the DOD Rubberneck. A decision between these two pedals is pretty difficult.

Both devices are real analog delays with tap tempo (each of them with adjustable ratios), modulation, a tone-pot, trails, self-oscillation when keeping the foot switch and an almost similar maximum delay time of 1.1 or 1.5 seconds.

But what are the differences?

Like all of the Chase Bliss Audio pedals the Tonal Recall RKM of course has got copious dip-switches by which you can assign the diverse parameters of the pedal to automation. Thereby the small pedal becomes pretty complex and offers far more sound possibilities than other analog delays. It is for example able to modulate the rate of the delay and the modulation at the same time which produces really insane sounds. The whole can be controlled by midi and saved in presets.

The DOD Rubberneck offers the so-called rubbernecking. The foot switch enables you to double or halve the tempo of the delay. Thereby the played tones can be shifted up or down one octave. The tempo of the rubbernecking can be set so you can for example emulate the wow and flutter of a tape delay.

What about the sound?

Both delays do have a tone pot what make them pretty flexible. They are able to sound brighter and clearer than many of the previous delays but in fact they do not sound like the Deluxe Memory Man.

The Tonal Recall RKM sounds tight and clean, the attack is percussive.

The DOD Rubberneck whose sound is oriented to its ancestor (the DOD 680 Analog Delay) also shows a nice percussive attack. The sound is most sensitive to the midrange and therefor gets its own character. At least the DOD Rubberneck is able to cut through the mix.

While the Tonal Recall RKM first sounds clean and, by using pickups with more output, is able to add some dirt by digging in harder, the DOD Rubberneck has got a gain pot. By setting the gain pot at 11 o’clock and reducing the tone pot you can create wonderful vintage sounds. And a tone pot in full clockwise direction and little gain will originate sounds that get close to those of a tape echo.


The Tonal Recall RKM is a great delay that is perfect for sound freaks. Of course it is pretty suitable for slapback delays but it is able to do so much more. The possibilities of modulation seem to be endless and the sound is absolutely great.

The DOD Rubberneck has got a wonderful warm and full sound, is easy to handle and with the gain and the tone pot provides many sound options without losing its very own character. It always keeps this very special vintage charm which I like a lot.

At the maximum of delay time and the tone pot dimed both delays produce some kind of hiss but that is only natural to analog delays and cannot be compared to the strong hiss of a vintage analog delay.