The 10 most exciting pages for guitarists

Ask the Dude

There are many good and informative pages for guitarists on the internet. I would like to present you a list of my favourite pages:

1.Effects Database provides a copious listing of (nearly) all effectpedals and manufacturers and is updated regularly. Besides you can find out which pedals are based on the circuits of other pedals. Furthermore the pages shows worldwide ebay-offers of the respective pedal which can be subscribed over a newsfeed.

2. Equipboard

Frequently I asked myself how a certain guitarist creates a specific sound and which pedals he uses. On you can find listings of the guitars, amplifiers and pedals of numerous guitarists. There also is a reference to where the informations come from and further you can find the links to the pages of the respective manufacturers.

3. Guitartest is a german page where a great number of overdrives are tested and compared to each other. Recently you can also find reviews of amplifiers, guitars and modulationeffects. If you watch out for a new overdrive a visit on the page worth it. The reviews are written very well.

4. stinkfoot presents numerous kinds of power supplies. And – what I think is even more interesting – you can find a listing of the power consumption of many pedals. Before buying a multi-power supply it can worth it to check out how much mA every single pedal on your prospective pedalboard needs. Pretty helpful!

5. Pedalboardplanner

On you can arrange virtual pedals on a pedalboard. This will help you to plan your own pedalboard because you do not have to move your pedals back and forth for hours. And after you have created your virtual pedalboard you know exactly which size your board really needs to accomodate all of your pedals. The page is maintained very well and pictures of new pedals are added regularly. And even if you visit this page only to create your virtual pedalboard of your dreams it was already worth it.

6. Musiker-Flohmarkt

A German page again. Unfortunately fell into oblivion since the arising of the also German page “ebay-kleinanzeigen”. But it also can worth it to rummage or to place an ad here.

7. Musikding-Forum und UK-Electronic-Forum

Musikding as well as UK-Electronic offer a great selection of parts for pedals. Here you can find everything you need if you want to build up your own pedal or modify an old one. But more important are the two forums. Here you can get helpful hints and information to many modifications. Furthermore you will find inspirations how to adjust a pedal to your imagination of sound.

8. Fuzzcentral explains the circuit of a Fuzz Face and the diverse models. A nice pages especially for those guitarists who like to modify their Fuzz Face.

9. The Big Muff Pi Home Page provides a pretty nice overview of all Big Muff versions. Getting to know the sound- differences between certain models can be quite interesting.

10. – Pedalboards der Stars

The French page provides a nice listing of the gear of several guitarists and can be pretty helpful if you want to get closer to the sound of your idol (if you can afford it…).