How to remove Velcro

Tips & tricksYou can find it on the bottom of numerous effect pedals, supposed to keep them on the pedalboard: Velcro.
But at the latest, when you want to sell your pedal, it makes sense to get rid of the adhesive straps.
First, you will need a bit force to remove the Velcro carefully. It is pretty recommendable to use small tongs to grab one edge of the Velcro and then remove it by peeling it as flat as possible off the bottom of the pedal. So, the lacquering of the pedal will be spared. Especially regarding boutique effect pedals, the lacquering sometimes is not even the most robust one.

Depending on the quality and the age of the used Velcro and the conditions of the environment (damp rehearsal room) some adhesive residues will remain.

Please, don’t…

Scrap. Scraping it off is the worst solution. Of course, you can remove the coarsest residues but at least you will definitively damage the lacquering as well.
If you want to maintain the condition of the pedal, please, don’t use any solid objects to scratch off the deposits.

Use alcohol. Many kinds of alcohol damage the paintwork of the pedal as well. Furthermore, you will get ugly smudges that can only be removed with difficulty.

The better ways

The Velcro manufacturer recommends a product called Goo Gone which is supposed to remove adhesive residues from various objects. But it is also recommended to check the paint combability on a concealed area of the pedal.

Another possibility is, to use WD40. It is also pretty suitable to remove adhesive residues. However, you should use a soft cloth and use the oil very carefully to avoid that it flows into the pedal.

The probably most effective and most advantageous way to remove the residues is, to use the old Velcro you have removed before.
I would like to call this method “twist &pull (and repeat)”.
The removed Velcro still has an adhesive reverse side which now is not as strong as the rear side of fresh Velcro. By pressing the removed Vecro on the residues pretty hard and then remove it very abruptly, you will be able to remove all arrears little by little.
The biggest advantage of this method is, that the adhesive residues will not be smudged by solvents, but remove without any arrears. Furthermore, the lacquering will stay intact. With this method, you can even remove dirt.
For this method is for free and you don’t have to polish the pedal later, it is the best and easiest way to remove the adhesive residues of Velcro from your pedals.

While solvents, oils and alcohol always damage a labeling on the bottom, the use of old Velcro will keep the labeling intact.
So, I think, the “twist & pull (and repeat)” method is highly recommendable to remove any adhesive residues from your beloved pedal.

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