Which pedal should I get: Walrus Audio ARP 87 or DOD Rubberneck?

Recently, I received the following request:
I moved on from a DOD Rubberneck due to its size, and I am considering a Walrus Audio ARP 87. I would really like a full analog delay in small size, but the Chase Bliss Audio is way above my budget and I didn’t really like the JHS Panther Cub in relation to its price.
Is there any other delay you would recommend? I want something with tap tempo and a small footprint…


The ARP 87 actually is a pretty decent delay pedal, but to me, the Rubberneck has so much more character. The ARP 87 is compact and I really liked the lofi- mode. Unfortunately, you will have to re-adjust the speed whenever you change the modes.
It is pretty hard to find a compact pedal with tap tempo. And as you already mentioned: The Tonal Recall is quite expensive and the price of the Walrus Audio D1, predecessor of the ARP 87 is also pretty high.
Some pedals with tap tempo (like the Boss DD-200 or the Wampler Faux Tape) are not more compact than the Rubberneck.

If you are looking for a really compact pedal with a fine sound and tap tempo, the Line6 Echo Park or the TC Electronic Flashback 2 might be perfect options for you. Both offer a very pleasant sound and the footswitch is also suitable to tap the delay time. Additionally, it is possible to adjust the Flashback 2 via app. Maybe, you will get closer to the sound of the Rubberneck, but to me, the handling is pretty cumbersome.

You can also try out the Boss DD-7 or the DD-8. They have very nice analog emulations as well.
Nevertheless, in the end, all four are digital delays with analog emulations.
Regarding analog delays, the Stone Deaf Syncopy and the CKK Electronic Fluid Time come to my mind. But I haven’t tried both delays so far, thus I can tell you nothing about their sound.

Last but not least: none of the mentioned pedals offer a gain pot to create the dark and gritty sounds in the Rubberneck-style.

If I would only have to decide between the ARP 87 and the Rubberneck, I would definitively choose the Rubberneck. Its sound is worth the space it needs on the pedalboard 😉