A question regarding the wet output + volume poti mod for the EHX Freeze

A reader’s question:

I have got a question regarding the Wet Output + Volume Poti Mod and the Remote Switch Mod for the EHX Freeze.
Is the volume mod supposed to control the volume of the wet signal or the dry signal or the mix?
And will the function of the original switch of the Freeze remain after the installation of the output for the additional switch? In other words: Could the bass player in my band control the Freeze on my pedalboard from the other side of the stage while I am playing the WahWah?


Thank you for your request.
The new output is only for the “Wet” signal, the original output remains (it delivers “Wet / Dry” or if you turn the original pot all the way down, you only have the “Dry” signal). With both jacks, you can run the wet and dry separately from the device via the two separate jacks. The volume pot controls the wet volume at the new “wet only” output.

The additional switch is, as you have already presumed, for an additional switch. This external switch and the internal switch of the Freeze can be used at the same time.
Thus, you bass player could actually control the Freeze on your pedalboard while you are playing the WahWah!