NUX NDD-7 Tape Echo Delay

Dies ist ein Demo des NUX NDD-7 Tape Echo Delays. Die kompakte Emulation des Roland RE-201 Space Echo hat einen eingebauten Looper und viele nützliche Features.

Es führt also eigentlich kein Weg an ihm vorbei.

1. Tape head 3 – long delay with reverb and wow & flutter
2. Tape head 3 – dark delay without reverb
3. Tape head 2 + 3 – brighter delay with slight reverb
4. Looping and delay – I recorded a pattern and combined it with another delay setting while playing
5. Looping – I recorded a darker delay and added live a second delay with much wow & flutter. The pitch effects at the end of this soundfile are midi controlled
6. Slapback with reverb
7. Spring reverb only
8. Loop with a long delay with reverb and wow& flutter with long repeats. Repeats and time are controlled via midi.