Seymour Duncan Andromeda

Seymour Duncan Andromeda delay pedalThe Seymour Duncan Andromeda is a rather lee pedalboard-friendly digital delay that throws extensive features in the ring to fight for its space on the pedalboard.

By providing in each case 4 versions of the analog and the digital mode (normal, ping pong, reverse, reverse ping pong), the black and green true bypass pedal offers all things considered 8 delay types with a maximum delay time of 5 seconds.

The 9V pedal allows to control the settings of mix, modulation and saturation via the picking attack.

Furthermore, it has a freeze-function, stereo in- and outputs, tap tempo, modulation, a midi input and a port for a micro USB.
This allows to update the 128 presets. Besides, the Andromeda offers the possibility to save individual created delay patches.

In short, the Seymour Duncan Andromeda is a really extensive equipped digital delay, that nevertheless is quite easy to handle.

It is still available without any problems.
Surprisingly, I feel that the Andromeda has not asserted itself so far.
However, on my cult-factor scale it gets 8 of 10 points.