DelayDude – The Shop coming soon !

We are focusing all our efforts on the final touches but on 1 Oktober the day has come:

The DelayDude Shop goes online!

The carefully selected range of vintage and boutique pedals may include one or the other treasure you already know from the DelayDude videos.

We are looking forward for your visit!

Obituary: Glenn Snoddy – the creator of the fuzz pedal

NewsThe first name, that comes to one’s mind when the “fuzz” is mentioned, is Jimi Hendrix.
But to me, the creator of this pedal’s wiring was not less important for the history of guitar music.
His name war Glenn Snoddy. Continue reading “Obituary: Glenn Snoddy – the creator of the fuzz pedal”

+++ News: 2 days till the NAMM Show 2018 +++

NewsOnly two days left till the NAMM Show begins and I would like to use this time to introduce some really interesting pedals to you that supposedly can be seen on the NAMM 2018. Continue reading “+++ News: 2 days till the NAMM Show 2018 +++”

+++ News: 6 days left till NAMM Show 2018 +++

NewsLess than a week left until the NAMM Show 2018 opens the doors.
And almost every minute one gets to know new information about news pedals. Continue reading “+++ News: 6 days left till NAMM Show 2018 +++”

+++ News : The NAMM Show 2018 +++

NewsThe NAMM Show 2018 is getting closer and already first information about new pedals seep through.
Here are a few insights: Continue reading “+++ News : The NAMM Show 2018 +++”

Delay Dude on YouTube

NewsFrom now on you can find all videos of the Delay Dude on

Besides overdrive- and compressor- shootouts, videos with DIY instructions and modifications you will encounter comparisons of numerous analog and digital delays by various manufacturers like Electro Harmonix, Chase Bliss Audio, Fulltone or Strymon.

Every Wednesday a new video will be released. Just have a look and subscribe.

+++ News: In cooperation with JHS Boss developed the JB-2 Angry Driver +++

Boss JB-2 Angry Driver

40 years of company history and for the first time Boss developed a pedal in cooperation with another manufacturer. Recently Boss put the JB-2 Angry Driver on the market which has been implemented in collaboration with JHS.

This overdrive is based on the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver and the JHS Angry Charlie. So the JB-2 Angry Driver covers almost all kinds of sounds, from a boost over an overdrive to a distortion with marshall-sound. Continue reading “+++ News: In cooperation with JHS Boss developed the JB-2 Angry Driver +++”

+++ Event tip September +++


On the 6th of September 2017, a product run down of the British amplifier-manufacturer Victory takes place at Just Music Berlin.

Within the German Clinics Tour Mick Taylor ( known by “That pedal show” on youtube) and Rabea Massaad (guitarist of the Band Dorje and one of the stars of Andertons youtube-channel) are presenting from 18:30 pm to 20:00 pm the different amplifiers of Victory Amps UK. Continue reading “+++ Event tip September +++”

PLUS Pedal Release


The PLUS Pedal has been introduced at Winter NAMM 2017 and I must confess that I was immediately enthusiastic. It started 2015 as an experiment of three technically well trained guitarists and turned out to be one of the most interesting innovations at the NAMM. Continue reading “PLUS Pedal Release”