+++ NAMM 2019 News Part 4+++

NewsThe rumor mill is churning….
Here I would like to present the last part of a collection of some interesting NAMM Show news. Continue reading “+++ NAMM 2019 News Part 4+++”

Dark Delays

Supa pussThe dark sound is a very famous aspect of analog delays. Because of their design, analog delays cut the treble to minimize besides noise. As a result, they sound very warm and rich and, on top, they go well together with overdrive effects. Continue reading “Dark Delays”

Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man vs. Way Huge Echo Puss – Analog Delay Comparison

This is a comparison of the Way Huge Echo Puss with the Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man.

gear: Fender Telecaster, Fender Tweed Champ, Celestion G12M, Shure SM57, Cubase.

Things, mini pedal manufacturers should take into account

The times of dish-sized Fuzz Face pedals are over – the trend is towards even smaller mini effect pedals.
But with regard to this mini pedals there are some things, the manufacturers should consider. Continue reading “Things, mini pedal manufacturers should take into account”

Are there analog delays without white noise?

Ask the DudeBesides spectacular delays every analog delay produces white noise.
Generally, one can say that the proportion of white noise increases in dependency of the delay time.
To some this unintended noise represent an important part of an analog character, others prefer digital delays to produce a signal that is more clear. Continue reading “Are there analog delays without white noise?”

The first batch Problem

Ask the DudeRight after the advent of first rumors, NAAM news and reviews the pedal addict is longing for the releasing day of the coveted pedal.
Unable to wait, the European guitarists are tempted to order the stompbox in the United States before it is available in Europe. Continue reading “The first batch Problem”

Pedals: same design – different circuit

Platine There are some pedals that have been put on the market a long time ago and that, because of their sound are known as the legendary ones.
But sometimes the circuit has been changed over time. Continue reading “Pedals: same design – different circuit”

My Top 10 delays

Effect PedalThese are the top 10 analog delays.
Of course this ranking is absolutely subjective. Continue reading “My Top 10 delays”